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 NFLIS Published Reports Minimize
  • Following are the reports produced by the NFLIS project.  These include quarterly, midyear, annual, and special reports. 
  • The reports are in Portable Document Format (PDF), and require Acrobat Reader for viewing.  If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you may click here to download the current Windows version (Acrobat Reader XI) now (or go to the Adobe website for more options).
  • You can open the file in the browser by left-clicking on the link. Once the report has opened in the browser, you can use the Acrobat interface to save a copy of the report to your local computer.
  • You can also save a copy of the PDF report file, without previewing the report with Acrobat, by right-clicking on the link, and then selecting to save the file directly to your local computer ("Select Link As" in Firefox, "Save Target As" in Internet Explorer, etc.).  
  • If you have any problems viewing the reports or downloading Acrobat Reader, please contact the NFLIS programming staff for assistance.
TitleReportTypeView ReportFileSize
NFLIS-Drug 2020 Midyear ReportMidyear Reports13915NFLISdrugMidYear2020.pdf2316
NFLIS-Drug Snapshot (December 2020)NFLIS SnapshotNFLIS_Snapshot_122020.pdf293
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Toxicology Testing Practices for Benzodiazepines in the United StatesSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECTox_Survey_Brief_Testing_Practices4.pdf151
NFLIS-Drug Special Report: Tramadol Reported in NFLIS, 2010–2019Special Reports13780NFLISDrugTramadol.pdf2706
NFLIS Special Maps Release: Tracking Fentanyl and Fentanyl-Related Compounds Reported in NFLIS-Drug, by State: 2018–2019Special ReportsNFLISDrugSpecialRelease-Fentanyl-FentanylSubstancesStateMaps-2018-2019.pdf4250
NFLIS-Drug 2019 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS-Drug-AR2019.pdf5620
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Data Element Collection and Participation in Data Collection ProgramsSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECTox_Data_Collection.pdf139
NFLIS-Drug 2019 Midyear ReportMidyear Reports13408NFLISDrugMidYear2019.pdf1459
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Barriers and Assistance Needed to Participate in a National Data CollectionSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECTox_Barriers_to_Participation.pdf141
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Toxicology Testing Practices for Amphetamines, Cocaine, Marijuana/THC, and Phencyclidine Across the NationSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECTox_Survey_Brief_Testing_Practices3.pdf139
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Toxicology Testing Practices for Phenethylamines, Piperazines, Synthetic Cannabinoids, and Synthetic Cathinones Across the NationSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECTox_Survey_Brief_Testing_Practices2.pdf135
NFLIS-Drug 2019 Survey of Crime Laboratory Drug Chemistry Sections ReportSpecial Reports13121NFLISdrugSurveyRpt6Nov29.pdf695
NFLIS-Drug 2018 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS-Drug-AR2018.pdf8167
NFLIS MEC/Tox Brief: Toxicology Testing Practices for Opiates and Opioids Across the NationSpecial Reports12957R2NFLISMiniSurvey.pdf141
NFLIS-Drug 2018 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLISDrug2018MY.pdf2874
NFLIS-Drug Special Report: Methamphetamine Reported in NFLIS, 2001–2017Special Reports12568NFLISdrugMethamphetamine.pdf4791
NFLIS Special Release Maps: Tracking Fentanyl and Fentanyl-Related Substances Reported in NFLIS-Drug by State, 2016-2017Special ReportsNFLISDrugSpecialRelease-Fentanyl-FentanylSubstancesStateMaps-2016-2017.pdf3634
NFLIS-Drug 2017 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS-Drug-AR2017.pdf8028
2017 Toxicology Laboratory Survey ReportSpecial ReportsNFLIS-2017ToxLabSurveyReport.pdf858
2017 Medical Examiner/Coroner Office Survey ReportSpecial ReportsNFLIS-MECSurveyReport.pdf793
NFLIS-Drug 2017 Midyear ReportMidyear Reports11674r1NFLISMidyear2017.pdf3884
2016 Annual Report (Rev: April 2018)Annual ReportsNFLIS2016AR_Rev2018.pdf6997
NFLIS Brief: Fentanyl and Fentanyl-Related Substances Reported in NFLIS, 2015–2016 (Rev: March 2018)Special Reports11350_R2_NFLIS_Research_Brief_Fentanyl.pdf1497
NFLIS: Statistical Methodology Revised September 2017Other ReportsNFLIS-2017-StatMethodology.pdf1054
2016 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS_MidYear2016.pdf3245
NFLIS Brief: Fentanyl, 2001-2015 (most recent as of March 2017)Special ReportsNFLISFentanylBrief2017.pdf415
Special Report: 2C-Phenethylamines, Piperazines, and Tryptamines Reported in NFLIS, 2011–2015Special ReportsNFLIS-SR-2CPEA-PiperazineTrypt.pdf2311
Special Report: Synthetic Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cathinones Reported in NFLIS, 2013-2015Special ReportsNFLIS-SR-SynthCannabinoidCathinone.pdf1525
2015 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2015AR.pdf7104
2015 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS_MidYear2015.pdf1027
Special Report: Benzodiazepines Reported in NFLIS, 2009-2014Special ReportsNFLIS-SR-Benzos-09to14.pdf2006
Year 2014 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2014AR.pdf8730
Special Report: Opiates and Related Drugs Reported in NFLIS, 2009-2014 (Rev: February 2017)Special ReportsNFLIS-SR-Opioids-Rev-201702.pdf2230
2014 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS2014MY.pdf1947
2013 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2013AR.pdf8569
Special Report: Synthetic Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cathinones Reported in NFLIS, 2010-2013Special ReportsNFLIS_SR_CathCan_508.pdf3971
NFLIS: Statistical MethodologyOther ReportsNFLIS2014StatMethodology.pdf403
2013 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS2013MY.pdf2465
NFLIS: 2013 Survey of Crime Laboratory Drug SectionsSpecial ReportsNFLIS_LabSurvey_2013.pdf1394
Year 2012 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2012AR.pdf10551
2012 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS2012MY.pdf1150
Special Report: ADD/ADHD Stimulants in NFLIS, 2007 - 2011Special ReportsNFLIS_SR_ADHD_508.pdf1100
2011 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2011AR.pdf6897
Emerging 2C-Phenethylamines, Piperazines, and Tryptamines in NFLIS, 2006-2011Special ReportsNFLIS_SR_Emerging_II.pdf7993
2011 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS2011MY.pdf2181
NFLIS Estimates MethodologyOther ReportsNFLIS_EstimatesMethodology.pdf322
2010 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2010AR.pdf4915
Synthetic Cannabinoids and Synthetic Cathinones Reported in NFLIS, 2009-2010Special ReportsSynCannabSynCath.pdf706
2010 Midyear ReportMidyear ReportsNFLIS2010MY.pdf847
Year 2009 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2009AR.pdf5402
Midyear Report 2009Midyear ReportsNFLIS2009MY.pdf1228
Special Report: Methadone and Buprenorphine, 2003-2008Special ReportsNFLIS_Methadone_09.pdf1903
Year 2008 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2008AR.pdf4697
Midyear Report 2008Midyear ReportsNFLIS2008MY.pdf1536
Fentanyl, 2003-2006Special ReportsNFLIS_Fentanyl_08.pdf1030
Year 2007 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2007AR.pdf5635
Midyear Report 2007Midyear ReportsNFLIS2007MY.pdf2007
Year 2006 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2006AR.pdf10764
Midyear Report 2006Midyear ReportsNFLIS2006MY.pdf3085
Controlled Substance Prescription Drugs, 2001-2005Special ReportsPrescriptDrugs_01to05.pdf1675
Year 2005 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2005AR.pdf6990
NFLIS Special Report Synthetic Drugs, 2001-2004Special ReportsNFLISspeciaSynDrug2005.pdf3409
Midyear Report 2005Midyear ReportsNFLIS2005MY.pdf8016
Year 2004 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2004AR.pdf6596
Midyear Report 2004Midyear ReportsNFLIS2004MY.pdf1093
Narcotic Analgesics, 2001-2003Special ReportsSpecial-Narcotic-Analgesics.pdf3075
Year 2003 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2003AR.pdf17696
Midyear Report 2003Midyear ReportsNFLIS2003MY.pdf8370
Year 2002 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2002AR.pdf6733
4th Quarter 2002Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2002QR4.pdf328
3rd Quarter 2002Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2002QR3.pdf323
2nd Quarter 2002Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2002QR2.pdf318
1st Quarter 2002Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2002QR1.pdf775
Year 2001 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2001AR.pdf4532
4th Quarter 2001Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2001QR4.pdf698
3rd Quarter 2001Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2001QR3.pdf706
Year 2000 Annual ReportAnnual ReportsNFLIS2000AR.pdf2422
2nd Quarter 2001Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2001QR2.pdf186
1st Quarter 2001Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2001QR1.pdf1001
4th Quarter 2000Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2000QR4.pdf668
3rd Quarter 2000Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2000QR3.pdf241
2nd Quarter 2000Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2000QR2.pdf148
1st Quarter 2000Quarterly ReportsNFLIS2000QR1.pdf2246
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