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The NFLIS Public Data Query System

The Public DQS is a newly available resource developed to provide public access to aggregated data from the NFLIS-Drug data collection. (More information on the NFLIS-Drug Data Collection is available on the NFLIS-Drug Component information page.)

Public DQS User Registration Guide

Registration is required for access to the Public DQS. Registrants must review and agree to the Terms-of-Use. Once registration is complete, new users will receive an email with instructions for completing the account setup process. Once this has been completed, users can logon to the NFLIS website and access the Public DQS from the main menu under Data Resources – Public DQS.

The Public DQS is highlighted by a query dashboard for parameter selection, a pivot page to render query results in a tabular format, and a visualizations page for graphical representation of the data.

DQS Dashboard

DQS Dashboard

The DQS Dashboard allow users to select from the available parameters to design a query.

  • Analysis Type – type of query
  • Aggregation – annual or semi-annual
  • Date Type – highlights submission based date
  • Date Range – annual increments of data
  • Location – National, Region* and State

Users can save their queries to recall and run at a later date.

(*NFLIS Regions parallel those as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau)

DQS Pivot

DQS Pivot

The DQS Pivot presents the query results in a default table format in a pivot grid interface. The pivot grid allows the user to shape the data by using drag-and-drop to move available variables to the row or column headers. Data layout styles (such as table, heatmaps, charts) and functions of total (integer sum, count as fraction of total, maximum, and more*) options are available for presenting different views of the data and totals.

(*NFLIS is not responsible for providing training or instruction on use of the functions of total.)

DQS Visualizations

DQS Visualizations

The DQS Visualizations displays various graphical views of the queried data. The filters allow the user to isolate or drill down data based on the queried year(s), drug group(s) and selected drug(s). The filters affect the data presented in the bar graph of the Top 10 Queried Drugs, Queried Drugs Map, line graph of Top 10 Queried Drugs Over Time, and Queried Drug Tree Map. The user can download the data behind a figure in CSV (comma-separated value) format, as well as the rendered visualizations in PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format.

Data Use Statement

Data recipients should be aware, prior to use, analysis, studies, or publication of NFLIS data, the information contained in NFLIS generated reports are complete and accurate as to what was provided by participating entities to NFLIS in accordance with reporting agreements. This information is susceptible to future updates and corrections, without notice, as new information is obtained. DEA assumes no liability for analysis, conclusions, or policy decisions of third parties based on internal interpretation of provided data.