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This page provides the publications produced by the NFLIS-DRUG, NFLIS-TOX, and NFLIS-MEC programs. These include quarterly, midyear, annual, special reports and other reports, as well as briefs, maps, data tables and data lists. Users can filter their searches by published year of the program type, report type and data, and also by entering title and keywords. To sort by program, report type, title or published date, please click on the arrow in the related column header. All filters with an asterisk are required.

ProgramTypeTitleDate PublishedFile
NFLIS-Drug BriefsNFLIS-Drug Brief: Substances Co-Reported with Fentanyl in NFLIS-Drug and DEA-Tox, January 2013-June 202311-2023
NFLIS-Drug Public Data Sets2022 Public Data10-2023
NFLIS-MEC Special Reports2022 Medical Examiner and Coroner Survey Report10-2023
NFLIS-Drug NFLIS SnapshotNFLIS-Drug Snapshot (September 2023)09-2023
NFLIS-Drug Annual Reports2022 NFLIS-Drug Annual Report09-2023
NFLIS-Drug NFLIS SnapshotNFLIS-Drug Snapshot (June 2023)06-2023
NFLIS-Drug Midyear Reports2022 NFLIS-Drug Midyear Report04-2023
NFLIS-Drug NFLIS SnapshotNFLIS-Drug Snapshot (March 2023)03-2023
NFLIS-Drug Annual Reports2022 Synth-Opioids Annual Report03-2023
NFLIS-Drug Annual ReportsNFLIS-Drug 2021 Annual Report09-2022
NFLIS-Drug Public Data Sets2021 Public Data09-2022
NFLIS-Tox Special Reports2021 Toxicology Laboratory Survey Report08-2022
NFLIS-Drug Midyear Reports2021 NFLIS-Drug Midyear Report 04-2022
NFLIS-Drug Annual Reports2021 Synth-Opioids Annual Report04-2022
NFLIS-Drug Special ReportsNFLIS_Gabapentin_Pregabalin_2011-202001-2022

Data Use Statement

Data recipients should be aware, prior to use, analysis, studies, or publication of NFLIS data, the information contained in NFLIS generated reports are complete and accurate as to what was provided by participating entities to NFLIS in accordance with reporting agreements. This information is susceptible to future updates and corrections, without notice, as new information is obtained. DEA assumes no liability for analysis, conclusions, or policy decisions of third parties based on internal interpretation of provided data.

Resource documents:

Citation Guidance for National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) Publications

Guidance for Writing the National Forensic Laboratory Information System (NFLIS) Public Data Table Findings

National Forensic Laboratory Information System Questions and Answers (Q&A)

NFLIS Statistical Methodology Report Revised September 2017